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Cristal de Bohemia
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The true Crystal of Bohemia
is appreciated by all.
Blown and carved by hand
with gold paint.
A gift forever,
inheritable for all generations.
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factory in the Czech Republic.
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Modelado Cristal Bohemia It is called Crystal of Bohemia to glass made in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia, in the territory of what is now the Czech Republic and Poland. It began to be manufactured at the end of the 13th century but it did not get much resonance until the end of the 16th century. For the next two centuries Bohemia enjoyed the complete European hegemony in this class of industries.

Its characteristic consists in the extreme transparency of glass imitating rock crystal and in engraving or deep and perfect carving that in hollow or in relief is applied to the best pieces. At the end of the 17th century, Bohemia adopted the coloring of the glasses of Venice.

Pulido Cristal Bohemia His most notable productions consisted of elegant glasses, engraved and cut in facets but without additions of fantastic appendices and without the lightness of the Venetians. The colors used in the initial coloring of the glasses were turquoise, yellow and pink (the rosé was not produced until 1840).

In the mid-nineteenth century he began to work with the opaline that would give him a tremendous success; many rivals of the European glass industry tried to copy the vivid opalescent reflections of the bohemian crystal without success.

Thanks to these artisan techniques inherited from generation to generation, it is what today allows us to offer a selection of the best items of this crystal for gifts with class or for your personal enjoyment.


You can cash 100% of your amount through our online service by credit card (VISA) at the same time you place your order. Therefore, we can guarantee the cost of the items at a lower price than other physical trade.


We serve the order at the address indicated by you in the next 15 working days. The postage is totally free, assuming all the expenses on the management and delivery of the same.


• Your order will be delivered with complete integrity and security.
• The factory guarantees the replacement of any item damaged or broken during transport, provided that it is communicated within 48 hours of receiving the order and it is opened in the presence of the agency dealer or of the post clerk, depending on the respective delivery system.
• Each order is insured by the company that delivers the package.
• For any questions or misunderstandings, please contact us immediately. We will quickly do everything necessary to solve all the problems that may arise.


If for any reason the product purchased is not your total satisfaction, we guarantee the full refund of the amount within 15 days after receiving it.

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Each item or game is
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container box with a
delicate lined inside
in silk.

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